Our curriculum adheres to objectives for development and learning that serve as the guidelines for what children should accomplish in our program within their early years.

The curriculum supports structured activities while enhancing learning experiences. Our curriculum is dynamic and unique. We incorporate the needs of the individual child and the classroom; as opposed to predefined, prescribed lesson plans. In our early learning and preschool programs, our director and teachers work together to develop weekly lesson plans, while implementing the curriculum in the classroom, and evaluating the children’s academic progress. We evaluate the child’s progress through assessments and strive to meet their individual needs. We use a wide variety of teaching strategies that creates a classroom community where children learn how to work together and problem solve. In addition, to our curriculum, we make it our number one priority to incorporate the bilingual aspect to activities, lessons and into the daily routine.

Here at Creative Minds, play time is an essential component of learning.

We value the importance of engaging in activities that involve physical, cognitive, independent, group-oriented, organized and exciting activities for children. Play time is used as a learning activity that supports the development of the children. We believe play time supports children’s cognitive development, social development, creativity, and physical and sensory stimulation. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor equipment to support play time as well. We make certain that our curriculum always meets the standards and educational requirements while also meeting the individual needs of each child.